Scottish & Irish folk songs combined with Lord of the Rings music and Celtic music fun at Renaissance Faires

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Are you a fan of our music? Do you enjoy Celtic music? Folk music? Filk music? Do you want to hear our latest songs on an album? Do you like our free Celtic lyrics directory?

You probably know we don't have a record label giving us millions of dollars to live our dreams of playing music for the world. In fact, our only income comes from selling CDs after shows. Or from amazing fans who reach into their wallet and place a five dollar bill into our tip bucket that reads, "Et Tu Tip-Us."

Picture yourself twenty years from now. Do you want to feel like you made a difference in the world? What could you have done differently?

It's interesting. We drive in my Toyota Corolla throughout the United States, stopping at McDonalds after McDonalds for another fast food meal. Often you can see us sitting in your local airport reading books and writing songs as we wait for our next flight to Colorado, New York, California, or Missouri. It's not an easy life. It certainly isn't cheap. If we can maintain this lifestyle on the road, we can continue to make a difference. All we need is a little help.

I don't want to bore you with all the expenses we incur from our music from gas to vehicle maintenance, cell phones to internet connection and web hosting, printing costs, duplication, purchasing recording equipoment, mailing CDs and promo kits. And lets not forget how much I spend on replacing broken strings. The list goes on and on.

You see, I always felt it was important to give our fans a LOT of music, despite the exhoribant cost. Yet, Andrew keeps telling me that we really need to stop and catch up. The problem is we record more music than we can reasonably afford to print. We're still paying off the CD duplication bills from two CDs ago. Heck, two years ago, I had to borrow over four thousand dollars from my mom to pay for just the duplication of Memories of Middle Earth, and we have yet to pay it off!

We love making music for you. I want to continue singing and recording, sharing my love of music for the rest of my life. But to do that we need an extra hand. We put together some sponsorship packages that I hope you will consider reading over. Music doesn't have to be force-fed to you by corporate radio stations. It can be savored like a fine wine or relished like a warm Guinness. That's what we try to do. If you can help out today, that's okay too. If you still just love the music, please take a moment to drop us an email and tell us. We love to hear your kind comments. Because quite honestly, that's what our music is all about. It's about sharing our music with friends around the globe.



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