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Brobdingnagian Bards - Real Men Wear Kilts

Mari Mac

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From: Real Men Wear Kilts

words and music Traditional

There's a nice wee lass and her name's Mary Mac
Make no mistake, she's the miss I'm going to take
There's a lot of other chaps that would get up on her track
But I'm thinking that they'd have to get up early.

Mary Mac's father's making Mary Mac marry me
My father's making me marry Mary Mac
And I'm going to marry Mary
To get married and take care of me
We'll all be making merry when I marry Mary Mac

Now this wee lass she has a lot of brass
She has a lot of gas and her father thinks I'm class
So I'd be a silly ass to let the matter pass
Her father thinks she suits me fairly

Now Mary and her Mither gain an awful lot together
In fact you never see the one or the one without the other
And the fellows often wonder if it's Mary or her mither
Or the both of them together that I'm courtin'

Now the wedding day's on Wednesday and everything's arranged
Her name will soon be changed to mine unless her mind be changed
And we're making the arrangements and I'm just a bit deranged
For marriage is an awful undertakin'

It's sure to be a grand affair and grander than a fair
There's going to be a coach and pair for every couple there
We'll dine upon the finest fare I'm sure to get my share
If I don't we'll all be very much mistaken

Chords: KEY D



Background: More details about coming...

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