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Another Faire to Remember

Greetings Nagians

It's been a more than Brobdingnagian Minute since we published a newsletter. I thought I'd catch you on how Dragon Con went and news about our next CD.


First off, we had really low expectations from Dragon Con this year. We were both more than concerned about Covid and the HUGE number of people who typically show up. Sure, they capped the number at 42K. But *shudder* it was still nerve-wracking.

I'm thrilled to report. It wasn't at all like I expected. Nearly everyone who attended was REALLY good about wearing masks. Most everyone was social distancing. There were lots of 6 feet away hugs for people we miss seeing.

We cut our booth hours down to avoid being around the really BIG crowds that may or may not have been there (because we weren't). We also took a bit more downtime when we were not performing or on panels.

Even with reduced attendance, our shows were packed (at a forced 2/3 capacity). People laughed. They sang along. And yes, they even bought CDs. [You have C-deeees?]

That was the most surprising thing about the weekend. Sure, we had a new CD at the convention. But it was only a 5 song EP. So I didn't expect make 2/3 of our regular sales. Yet we did. I was completely surprised.

I was debating whether to call it a HUGE SUCCESS or not before I started writing this.  Because it wasn't bigger than past years. But from what I expected... it was brilliant!

Oh! And we all were tested for Covid (I got three tests myself). We all came up negative.

A Faire to Remember


You heard that correctly. We started working on a follow up album to our ever-popular A Faire to Remember CD. The album is called Another Faire to Remember. This album will feature more Renaissance festival favorites, plus a few original surprises.

We released a 5-song EP at Dragon Con with some early mixes from the final album.  The plan is to launch a Kickstarter around Dragon Con next year to pay for the printing of full-length CDs.

That said, I have 12 copies of the EP that we will put on sale tomorrow morning around 10 AM Eastern. They will sell in our Bandcamp store. I want you to have first dibs.

But before you do... Andrew and I decided we're gonna give away all of the tracks from Another Faire to Remember as MP3s for our Nagians Only Club on Patreon.

Every month, you will get a new MP3 from the EP and the album. For at least as long as we are working on it. We plan to officially release the album in 2023.

That's it for now. Set an alarm for tomorrow morning if you want to own a copy of the EP CD.

Make sure you use the coupon code to save 15% for being on our mailing list.

Click here to visit our store.



Thanks as always for all your support.

Marc Gunn, The Celtfather
Andrew McKee, The Irish Bard
Brobdingnagian Bards

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