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It's been a wild past two weeks. Kansas City Ren Fest has been slow first due to rain, then due to last week's disaster. We'll see what this week has in store. But despite a few problems, I think we are making one helluva impression.

Thusfar, we were praised by the Asst. Entertainement Director and numerous cast members for our hard work. We play from 8am until about 7:30pm every day...non-stop. Our shows are still small, but more cast members are showing up as are some patrons. And they're spreading the word. And though it is not solid yet, it sounds like were gonna be able to do more street work during the next few weeks. This means we'll be all over the faire, where few musicians go. We'll have a unique opportunity to reach more people.

I'd also like to tell you about two occasions that have really touched me at KC. First happened two weeks ago. Andrew and I were playing down the lanes when we stopped to talk to a woman with a baby. A loud noise sent the baby into a shrill crying fit. But by the second verse of "An Irish Lullaby", she was gazing quietly it me and my autoharp.

The second little occasion also happened with a baby. I went into the faire church on Saturday to escape the rain. Andrew was away dancing at the maypole. I started entertaining the other rain refugees when a small child of two or three crawled up to me and started trying to climb up my leg. Her mother called her and then said to me, she's blind. I then spent the next thirty minutes playing beautiful songs for this child as she explored my face and autoharp with her hands. Andrew and Courtney soon came in and told me it would've made an adorable picture.

Oh, we've also been making an impression with our choice of songs. In particular, "Always Look on the Bright Side of Life", "The Jedi Drinking Song", and "If I Had A Million Ducats" are some of our most requested songs during shows. But Andrew and I also had a great time playing some sad ballads last Sunday.

Last, we are pleased to announce that our latest Tolkien song from has received outstanding success. We wrote it two weeks ago, so it is as yet unrecorded, but we are hoping to put out a full-length Tolkien album in time for the release of the first Lord of the Rings movie in December. That's all for now. Please drop us a line and stay in touch.

--posted by Marc Gunn of the Brobdingnagian Bards, Celtic Folk Music
  Wednesday, September 19, 2001


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