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Corpus Christi Beaches The Bards

We had a blast this weekend in Corpus Christi. We played Cassidy's Irish Pub. It's a small little pub located in downtown Corpus, just two blocks from the sea. And let me tell you, I've never been to a friendlier pub! Les and Tracy Cassidy are the owner's and from the start, were very supportive and encouraging. Add to them the pub manager and Irishman, Connor, as well as local waitress, Geneva, and they were extremely helpful and friendly, going out of their way to serve us AND their customers.

Case in point, Les Cassidy walked in around 9:30pm and immediately was chatting and shaking the hands of a dozen people at the pub. Then when the evening was over, he pulled us aside, thanked us and asked for our opinions of the pub, which I might add, was nothing but glowing respect.

Cassidy's Irish Pub has only been open since St. Patrick's Day, and it's doing marvelous business and making an impact on the local Irish community and attracting tourists to the magic and culture of Ireland. And I salute them for their efforts!!!

Pub Patron Sings Irish Republican Songs

After a late night on Friday, we slept in on Saturday. Around noon, we got up and went to see Mr. Deeds (great movie), then came back and crashed before our gig on Saturday. I was the first to wake up. So while, Andrew was still passed out, I went down to Cassidy's to look around. I chatted with Connor, the pub manager a wee bit. From our talk, I learned Connor is from Belfast, Ireland, moved here three years ago and hasn't been back since. But halfway through our discussion, up walks Donald singing On The One Road. Connor introduces me as one of the band members for the evening, so Connor busts into another Irish Republican favorite -- The Town I Loved So Well.

After that, Donald offers me a beer and we start talking about Irish music... Okay, well it started off with Donald saying, "You should play Republican songs". But then he told me his fondness for just good Irish Folk songs...then any folk songs, then country music and finally music in general. "If you're really a fan of music you should be able to hear any style of music and appreciate it." I whole-heartedly agree.

Donald then tells me he was imprisoned by Britain for 14 years for being Irish. He came to the Corpus Christi in 1984 after being freed. He too has never been back. And although, he is steadfast in his love of Irish freedom, he didn't seem very bitter. Instead, he and his wife were happy living in Corpus Christi and owning "Irish Sensations", a Irish gift shop next door, where you can now purchase several of our CDs.

That little meeting with the local personalities of Ireland in Texas really helped to make this a fun and exciting trip. And boy, I can't wait to go back!

--posted by Marc Gunn of the Brobdingnagian Bards, Celtic Folk Music
  Monday, July 01, 2002


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