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The Brobdingnagian Bards at Texas Ren Fest story continues...

After our first show we typically head back to our horseless carriage to pickup more CDs and get some more water. I was guzzling water and gatorade this past weekend as I was fighting an upset stomach on Saturday. So I don't remember as much and I'll stick witih the Sunday story

Sunday I was in a great mood. We strolled down to Sherwood Forest to play a wee bit'o music and strolled through the Enchanted Gardens, stopping to for patrons and performers to chat. Around 11:30 though, we made a rush over to the Italian Village to watch Wine, Women, and Song perform. The audience was small for Sunday, and it was a shame. The show as fantastic! Definitely a show not to miss if ye can.

Then over by the Falconer's stage, we stopped to relax while the parade began. We played some music and enjoyed the people walking by. My hat collected a wee bit o'money before we headed over to our stage for our second show.

The second show went great as well. We had a few return Nagians and a decent crowd. T'wasn't quite as laid back as our first show, but it was just a heckuva lotta fun. Got me wanting to do some more sing-a-longs.

Next up was Wild and Thorny with Iris'n'Rose, bawdy wench humor at its finest... and not just the music! There's nothing that can be beat having those two beautiful lasses sitting in your lap smothering you with affection. Ah, it's good to be The Bards!

After our third show we made our way over to the Faerie Picnic where I was given the name Govanan by the Titania, the Faerie Queen, and her fairies. We played "The Unicorn Song and "Lily the Pink" before moving into some fun Faerie dance music.

The Faerie Picnic is actually one of my favorite places to play at TRF. Sure, it's only a song or two, but it's the atmosphere. Lots of food, kids and light-heartedness. We typically play some of our fun songs like "If I Had A Million Ducats" (with a fairie theme) or the ever popular, "Fairy Story". But one of our latest fun songs to play is "Exclamation!", a funny School House Rock parody by Boogie Knights.

Before our last show, we returned to House of Dra to play music for the ever-appreciative, Dra. We plopped down in front of the store and played everything from a new set of tunes we've been working on to the "Jedi Drinking Song". T'was nice and relaxing and helped make the last show even more light-hearted.

We hit one final show before the day came to a close--Uncommon Adornments. Uncommon Adornments is located right by the front gate and sells Celtic jewelry. The store has great acoustics and is just a nice place to relax and play while the sun goes down.

At last the sun set, and the rumbles of people faded away, leaving a sense of longing. I wrote a poem at Exalibur Fantasy Faire in the spring which sorta captures the feeling. It's called The Faire Is Over. You can listen to it being read by Austin-based Scottish actress Lorella Loftus.

While the weather forecast doesn't look quite as beautiful as the first three weekends of faire. No doubt it will still be a marvelous weekend. For there's nothing like spending a day at the faire!

--posted by Marc Gunn of the Brobdingnagian Bards, Celtic Folk Music
  Tuesday, October 21, 2003

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