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Texas Ren Fest... Let the Rain Come!

7am, Saturday morning. I was watching the approaching storm clouds on the weather channel. It looked like the first day of the 2004 Texas Renaissance Festival was gonna be a rainy one. The people Andrew and I were staying with moaned. I was just too excited. Not only do we get to head back to the world's largest Renaissance festival, but it was going to rain too!!!

Yes, the average person sees rain on the radar at TRF and thinks maybe we won't go to the Texas Ren Fest today, or this weekend. But I have a secret for you. If you love Renaissance festivals, go on a rainy day. You won't regret it.

Rainy days are always the best days at Ren Faires IMHO. Yes, they're not as profitable for the faire. The record-breaking numbers that normally show up on the first weekend don't make it out. Those who do have a much better time. Why?

You will have smaller crowds.
You'll hear more music.
You'll see more shows.
You'll visit more shops.
You will be up close and personal, a part of the festivities, not lounging in the background like when the faire is packed.

The Texas Renaissance Festival is enormous. Last year, there were 29,000 people out on the first weekend. Shoot! I still remember the 35K people in our first year. Autoharp? What autoharp? No one could hear me play. I couldn't hear myself play. 29K is not too dissimilar. It's just a bunch of noise. That's no fun!

What's fun... and magical about Renaissance Festivals is when you become a part of the festivities. Many performers try to involve you, but you haven't much hope when there's thirty thousand people. No, the best time is when it's rainy.

Then people gather in shops in cramped corners as musicians play for YOU. You stomp around in the water mud and visit big stage acts who've resigned themselves to putting on a great show despite the weather. You see more people you've longed to see. You get more hugs from friends. It's just a zillion times better on all accounts.

Sure, you need to remember to wear good shoes to keep your feet from getting wet, and an umbrella may not be Renaissance-y, but it's useful. The cold water may touch you, but I think you'll find many more warm hearts that will keep you toasty inside.

Lo and behold, the sun did come out on Saturday at the Texas Renaissance Festival. It was a bit humid and only 17,000 people showed up. When I finally laid down to go to sleep, a pleasant smile came over my face. I fell into a heavy sleep with the sweet dreams of many wonderful friends old and new and the joy that Sunday would be just as magical... and it was!

--posted by Marc Gunn of the Brobdingnagian Bards, Celtic Folk Music
  Monday, October 04, 2004


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