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acronym: ALOTBSOL

Great opening weekend at Excalibur. We had a record-breaking opening crowd of just under 1,300 folks on out on Saturday. The weather was absolutely perfect, high-70s on Saturday, low-80s on Sunday with a bit o'wind. I asked around and heard nothing but great feedback. So thanks to everyone who made it out!

Our shows went great too. A few new changes at the Live Oak Stage has made it a much more enjoyable and personal experience. The Red Headed Lady still needs some fine tuning. It's tough because it's one of the Excal pubs. So there's lots of talking going on.

Sunday's shows were best though. The two o'clock show is now an all-request show at the Red Headed Lady. So most of the songs we do there are the upbeat comedy songs which work better in that environment. We had listeners reeling in "Ducats" and "Do Virgins Taste Better". Though I think the most-humorous moment was at the Live Oak Stage at 3:30 when we performed a gut-splitting alternate version of "Exclamations".

The coolest moment though was at Mike Morff's shop, Fair-e-Flowers, Etc. Course, the reasoning was two fold. First, he has the perfect breeze flowing through that location. And on a warm day... aw yeah! But the main reason was because of this magical acronym: ALOTBSOL.

No, that doesn't stand for "a lot of BS on the lawn".
Instead it stands for "Always Look on the Bright Side of Life".

Mike was telling me that his sister up North always uses that acronym when things are down. And it all stems from one rainy weekend at the Texas Renaissance Festival. Early in the day, the heavens had opened up a torrent of rain on the faire. Mike brought his sister to see our show earlier that day. And huddled under our gazebo with patrons packed like sardines on the stage, we played that song.

A few hours later, patrons were hiding in shops, upset that their day was ruined. That's when his sister said, "ALOTBSOL". They all laughed and started singing-a-long.

The power of that song is just amazing. I don't remember why we decided to add "Bright Side of Life" to A Faire to Remember, but it was by far one of the best decisions we ever made. Glad you are enjoying it too.

Hey if you have a story you'd like to share, email me. If you're at the faire or another gig and want to share a story, I usually carry my Archos Gmini 400. I would love to record your testimony. So let me know!

--posted by Marc Gunn of the Brobdingnagian Bards, Celtic Folk Music
  Monday, March 14, 2005


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