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Brobdingnagian Fairy Tales CD Release Party Bonanza

It's been a busy weekend. Friday, I left work for the last time and was giddy with excitement. I drove us all the way to College Station with no complaints. Since Andrew usually drives that was a big change. Course, it also helped that Andrew spent the trip ripping open CD packaging to sign 100 copies of Brobdingnagian Fairy Tales.

Yes, the new CD is finished, and the first ONE HUNDRED COPIES SOLD on CDBABY will be signed by the two of us. I am hoping that the CDs will be ready to be available for sale there in a week or two. Cross your fingers!

Celtic Core Radio

The live show on Celtic Core Radio was a blast. We had a nice number of loyal Nagians out there. These folks must be the loudest of Nagians. When they shout, "MacIntyre!" I have to plug my ears.

The show was a blast, and I got to sleep on the way back. So everything was great, except Andrew left his tuner there. hehe! The host, Tom Schwerdt, put it in the mail today though.

Irish Dragoon Pub CD Release Party

I love CD release parties. Nagians come out in droves... and from around the country too. Saturday evening we had two such troopers. One from Oklahoma, and a family that drove 30 hours... with kids... from IDAHO! I felt like the Grateful Dead.

The Irish Dragoon Pub is an exceptional music venue. The audience is extremely enthusiastic about our music. And George Schott is amazing about promoting us to his clients. Consequently, we had a full house of dedicated Nagians like those from Idaho and Oklahoma. It was a raucous, fun show.

Shoot. I just noticed that the Star Wars Fans met there earlier that day... If I'd only known...

Things Celtic In-Store CD Release

By Sunday, I was starting to feel a bit worn down. But we made it to Austin's Celtic gift-giving center, Things Celtic. I never realized just what a great venue that place can be. We were setup in a corner and played inside the shop. The music perfectly filled the entire store and brought Irish smiles to everyone there.

These Aren't the Droids You Are Looking For

Tonight, we just got back from an always too short show at KVRX studios on the University of Texas campus. It was actually kinda weird driving back on campus today. Lots o'memories flooded back as this university often does to me.

We played "Angel's Lament" for the Star Wars fans, and they spun our recording of "Jedi Drinking Song" (download it. The two hosts, Andrew and I joined our collective efforts to create the sound Chewbacca. Then I got to play Yoda in their weekly reading from the Star Wars saga.

One more CD release to go--the Cactus Cafe

Wouldn't you know I forgot to mention the CD release party at the Cactus Cafe tomorrow night. Well, with any luck, Nagians will come out in droves, and we'll pack the place. One can only hope.

Please do us a favor and tell your family and friends to come join us at the biggest event since "Han Shot First".

See ye there!

--posted by Marc Gunn of the Brobdingnagian Bards, Celtic Folk Music
  Monday, July 11, 2005


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