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Comedy at the Carousel Lounge

Music, Comedy and Laughs!
Entertainment runs from 9:30pm to midnight

Tuesday, June 6, 2006
Brobdingnagian Bards
Carousel Lounge @ 10:30pm (our showtime)
1110 E 52nd St
Austin, TX 78723

So far the lineup consists of the Brobdingnagian Bards, Parallelogramophonograph (improv comedy troupe), Terp 2 (freestyle comedic rap), and live Family Feud featuring cards from 1976 to wrap things up.

So the theme is Variety, I'd say. And of course, the Carousel Lounge is circus themed. The Carousel Lounge is located at 1110 East 52nd.


--posted by Marc Gunn of the Brobdingnagian Bards, Celtic Folk Music
  Wednesday, May 31, 2006
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Swordplay, Coming Soon!

I keep forgetting to mention this. But recently our music was featured in a movie about Amtgardt. And it looks like the movie is finally going on sale.

Check out a trailer at the Swordplay Myspace page. Or find out more about the movie at the Clear Productions website.

I can't wait to see the show meself. I missed the screening a couple weeks back. It looks like a lot of fun, and I had so much fun the few times I dropped by this Amtgardt group back in college.


--posted by Marc Gunn of the Brobdingnagian Bards, Celtic Folk Music
  Thursday, May 25, 2006
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Opus Dei 1... Opus Fantasy Arts Festival, NOT Opus Dei from The DaVinci Code

Ah. The first day of Opus Fantasy Arts Festival is over. The festival is awesome! If you're in the Denver area, what are you waiting for? Come join us!

I was hoping to write something about it late last night after our show, but we ran into a little snag--time change. We've been on three different time zones on this trip. So when we played an 11:30pm gig last night, it was 1:30am EST. So we were a touch tired. No doubt the altitude didn't help matters, but the show went. Great!

We asked the audience if they wanted to hear our new "Jedi Drinking Song Prequel" and we had an overwhelming response. Aside from fumbling a few lyrics, it seemed to go over Really well. I finally talked Andrew into playing it live for the first time at O'Malley's Irish Pub in Missouri, but it still needs some work. When we get back to Austin, we will practice that one a lot, maybe even add it to one of our podcasts... We'll see...

Otherwise, the festival is awesome! The hotel is better than ever. It's a beautiful layout. Our booth is attracting more and more traffic and we're making new fans as usual. Rion and Sage, who run the festival, man, they've outdone themselves. I'm so impressed.

Oh! And there's a Feast tonight with a list of food that sounds deadly delicious! I need to remember to buy some tickets if they aren't already sold out.

The next big step is to convincing Rion to do a podcasting panel next year. We need to build up the whole podcasting phenomena. Because I tell you I LOVE doing podcast

Well, there's a show in another hour. So I need to get downstairs and help sell some CDs before Andrew gets snippy (as if he EVER is snippy, it's disgusting...;)

Oh! Last, I heard an Official confirmation from Voltaire about his gig at Elysium in Austin next month. There were a few particulars that needed working out and they are done. So now I can watch Voltaire rock Opus this evening and relax doing it. :)



--posted by Marc Gunn of the Brobdingnagian Bards, Celtic Folk Music
  Saturday, May 20, 2006
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Review of O'Malley's Irish Pub

Andrew and I arrived in Kansas City on Tuesday. We're staying with a friend from Kansas City Renaissance Festival from a few years back and we went down to a pub in Westport before crashing. Yesterday was spent catching up on email and recording the latest Renaissance Festival Podcast. I was barely down with the audio part when it was time to leave for O'Malley's Pub in Weston.

The drive up was quick and easy. Easier than we anticipated in fact. So we arrived at 6pm and found the pub was closed up. So Andrew and I sat outside and jammed a little bit when Emilee, our photo goddess who travels just about anywhere within a 600 mile radio of Oklahoma, it seems, showed up. We chatted and tested out the "Jedi Drinking Song Prequel" on them when Lisa arrived. Then as we were chatting with them, we saw a group of people knocking on the O'Malley's door too. They came over. We started chatting and learned that one of the lasses there was Also from Austin! That was too cool. So maybe we'll have one extra person in attendance on at the Elysium gig with Voltaire. Finally, the doors of the pub opened and Michael showed us around.

Wow! We heard about the great atmosphere, but never know what to expect. This is one cool place. The pub is built in an old Brewery. The actual location of the drinking and music is located in the cellar of this small building with two naturally cool buildings. The top level is small and stoney with a low ceiling and earthy flavor. The bottom level is much larger and usually open on weekends, but since the whole place is usually closed on weekdays, this was a special treat and we were on the top floor.

A good thirty folks showed up for the show. It was awesome to see. Because I can't tell you how many people suggested we book here, or somewhere in Kansas City. Especially since we won't be at the Kansas City Renaissace Festival this year. So now that we're doing this for a living, I hope to pull off more shows up here in the future.

We're definitely learning a lot on this tour. But I am about ready to get home. I was dreaming of my kitties last night. Mreow!

One more show to go in Denver, Colorado at the Opus Fantasy Arts Festival. Another brilliant show before we drive home.


--posted by Marc Gunn of the Brobdingnagian Bards, Celtic Folk Music
  Thursday, May 18, 2006
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Georgia Renaissance Festival in Review

The Georgia Renaissance Festival is over, and we're getting ready to leave Georgia in an hour or so. I must say that I am disappointed to go. I've had a wonderful time here all around. Plus, GARF really impressed me. If you've listened to my Renaissance Festival Podcast, you know that I was really impressed with the performers I knew from there BEFORE I went. But now, having attended the faire, I'm really impressed all around.

The faire is indeed a beautiful site. Lots of well-constructed structures and a very intelligent design. You can tell they thought out how to make the site when they bought the land. The site is smaller than most of the faires we attend. The closest in size is the Kansas City Renaissance Festival which we won't be at this year (though we've a K.C. gig on Weds). But this one has even better stages designed to fit larger audiences to sit through a show.

The Greenwood Stage, on which we performed, was rather well-designed for stage performances though it could use a slightly better natural acoustics. Other than that, it was a great stage, with good shade for the audience and nice look. I can't wait to see some of the pictures for the faire. Hopefully, folks will start emailing pics soon.

Yet, it's the performers that shine the most. They put on amazing shows. Three Quarter Ale, Joni Minstrel, and the well-loved The Lost Boys are brilliant at telling a story, filling a niche, and providing enjoyable songs you can sing-a-long to, laugh with, or just fill with incredible delight. And they were just the start of what I've come to love about the faire. There's a lot more. You'll hear that in my Ren Fest Podcast.

All in all, it is sad to leave, but Andrew's hounding me to start packing. We still have many more roads to travel. Meantime, I can't wait until we get back for DragonCon.

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--posted by Marc Gunn of the Brobdingnagian Bards, Celtic Folk Music
  Monday, May 15, 2006
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Touring Across the Country

It was an exciting night last night. Sinus problems were pretty horrendous which had me sounding like one of the guys from The Dubliners... The one with the really LOW voice. Fortunately, I was able to use my hoarse voice to my advantage. lol

One cool thing was there were a few people who came out to the show who found us on myspace and livejournal. I only made one of them. But that was neat to see. So a quick note to anyone out there:

PLEASE don't just sit in the background and listen, Come Introduce Yourself. I'd LOVE to meet and chat with you while we're on the road. Pretty please! With bards on top! ;)


Oh, and if you are fan of the cat songs, I should warn you that we as the Bards don't play cat songs. That's a solo project. So pull me aside at some point after the show or at the faire, or whatever, and I'll play you a song or two. :)

BTW. Someone put together a cool shirts on Zazzle inspired by us, Here's the back, inspired by one of our podcasts (I don't remember this...) Back of Shirt, T-shirt front


--posted by Marc Gunn of the Brobdingnagian Bards, Celtic Folk Music
  Sunday, May 07, 2006
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Photo Memory Book Project

from Emilee:
Here's a chance to get involved in a fun piece of Bard memorabilia. We are compiling memories and photographs for a photo memory book. We need help from all of the fans to make this a successful project. Send us your funniest, most embarrassing, or most fond memory of the Bards. If there is a song that the Bards sing that triggers a certain memory be it Bard related or not, we want to hear about it. Send us your favorite Bard photo with a short description of the photo, who shot it, and who is in it. Submissions can be sent to photogoddess at

--posted by Marc Gunn of the Brobdingnagian Bards, Celtic Folk Music
  Sunday, May 07, 2006
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O'MALLEY'S PUB in Weston, MO

A lot of people have asked us to play a pub in Kansas City. Well at long last, we have one booked. We are touring through Missouri on our way to Colorado. Since we won't be at Kansas City Renaissance Festival this year, we decided we needed to book some more gigs in Missouri for all our fans up there. So here we go. If this goes well, perhaps we'll be able to many more.

So come on out and bring some friends!

Date: Weds, May 17, 2006
Time: 7:30pm-10pm
Location: 540 Welt St
City: Weston, MO
Phone #: 816.640.5235
Cover: $5


--posted by Marc Gunn of the Brobdingnagian Bards, Celtic Folk Music
  Friday, May 05, 2006
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HOUSE CONCERT in Lawrenceville, GA

The Bards will head to Georgia in May and perform a House Concert thanks to Sara Carman who is hosting this performance.

What's a house concert? It's a live performance in an intimate setting. You can find out more details from our house concert webpage

Date Friday, May 12, 2006
Time: Opens at 7pm. First set ~ 7:30pm.
Location: 2285 Turtle Creek Way
City: Lawrenceville, GA 30043
Phone #: (770) 339-0021
Cover: $10 per person (Please RSVP)
General Directions:
- Take 85N to exit 115 -Hwy 20, Mall of Georgia exit.
- Take 20 east toward Lawrenceville.
- Turn left at the fourth traffic light onto Old Peachtree Rd.
- At the first traffic light, you will cross over Brazelton Hwy.
- About 1/2 mile after that light, Old Peachtree takes a 90-degree turn to the left. Do not make the left turn. Go straight and you will be on Prospect Church Rd.
- About 100 yards from where Prospect Church Rd begins, you will see Turtle Creek Lakes subdivision on your left. Turn left into the subdivision and you will be on Turtle Creek Way.
- Follow the road to the back of the subdivision. Our house is on the right and the street number, 2285 is on the mailbox . If you hit the cul-de-sac, you have gone too far.


--posted by Andrew of the Brobdingnagian Bards, Celtic Folk Music
  Friday, May 05, 2006
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HOUSE CONCERT in Destin, Florida

The Bards will head to Florida in May and perform a House Concert thanks to Cameron & Stephanie Rowe who are hosting this performance. This is a little different than our standard House Concert since they are holding it at their business, a CyberCafe.

What's a house concert? It's a live performance in an intimate setting. You can find out more details from our house concert webpage.

Date: Wednesday May 10, 2006
Time: Opens at 7pm. First set ~ 7:30pm.
Location: 4014 Commons Dr. West, Suite 122
City: Destin, FL 32541
Phone #: (850) 654-7262
Cover: $10 per person
Cafe Website:
General Directions:
located behind Wal-Mart & OfficeMax, across from Destin Animal Clinic, next door to the Benjamin Moore Paint Store


--posted by Andrew of the Brobdingnagian Bards, Celtic Folk Music
  Friday, May 05, 2006
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Join Our Frappr Map

I don't know if you've heard of Frappr Maps, but it's a neat little tool for finding out where are fans are around the world using a map. I started it about a week ago and we already have 66 fans listed on the map. So far we have people listed around the U.S. and a couple in Australia.

If you have a moment, go ahead a plot yourself on the map.

A couple days ago, Andrew and I just got back from the C.W. Post Renaissance Faire. The faire was by far the smallest we've ever done, but it was a lot of fun. One of our fans, Janet, posted a short video from the faire with us performing Mari Mac. Go watch it!

We're heading out on a three week tour on Saturday from Corpus Christi to Florida to Georgia to Missouri to Colorado. It will be quite an adventure. So if we're a little slow at responding, don't hold it against us. :)


--posted by Marc Gunn of the Brobdingnagian Bards, Celtic Folk Music
  Wednesday, May 03, 2006
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