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Brobdingnagian Bards Return to DragonCon, the Sci Fi Convention Extravaganza

We did it at last! We have our confirmation that once again we will return for our sixth time to DragonCon, one of the biggest Sci Fi Conventions in the world. This convention sprawls out between three hotels. There hundreds of guests and tens of thousands of people who show up dressed in fantastic costumes or with cameras to take pictures of fantastic costumes, to visit panels, meet celebrities and more.

Fri, Aug 31-Sept 3, 2007
Hyatt Regency Atlanta
265 Peachtree Street NE
Atlanta, GA 30303

Show Schedule: (Times may change)

1-2:30 PM - Art Show
4 PM - Comedy Show - 1st Show Time
8-8:30 PM - Open for Emerald Rose at the Evening at Bree (30-45 minutes)

7 PM - Parsec Awards
10:10 PM - The Signal Podcast (Performing a new Firefly Song)
11:30 PM - Filk Concert (arrive early to get a seat)
1 AM - Firefly Shindig, International North in the Hyatt

5 PM - Concourse
1:30 AM - Pirate Party - Regency V in the Hyatt

I look forward to this convention more than just about any other thing we do each year. If we're still playing music at 90, I hope we'll still be performing at DragonCon... though maybe our kilts will look a little too amusing on our ancient legs. But that's a side note...

What can you expect if you go? Well, let's see. There's the ever popular Goth satirist, Voltaire. You'll laugh yourself to death with his dark humour. And if you see Celtic folk musicians, Emerald Rose show, you can expect to dance until you drop!

There's a lot of funny music this year. The FuMP (Funny Music Project) will be out in full force with artists like Tom Smith, Rob Balder, Worm Quartet, Carrie Dahlby, Throwing Toasters,and Luke Ski will be there. Carla Ulbrich is the Filk Guest of Honor. And two of our favorite bands, Boogie Knights and Bedlam Bards (do you notice a B theme with us too?), will be there as well.

Plus, you'll hear Renaissance festival favorites, Three Quarter Ale.

There'll be guests from Firefly (Shepherd Book and Badger and folks from The Signal), Sean Astin of Lord of the Rings, Apollo and Starbuck from Battlestar Galactica, and much much more.

The list goes on and on. Visit the website to find out more!


--posted by Marc Gunn of the Brobdingnagian Bards, Celtic Folk Music
  Friday, July 27, 2007


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