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A Very Cunning Bard


We had an absolutely amazing time performing at Sherwood Forest Faire this year. We had one show daily. Plus, there was a rockin' live streaming internet concert. It was just incredible.

I love working with Andrew because of moments like these. You can hear all about it in our latest podcast, A Very Cunning Plan... with Ducats.

The visit was also successful because it laid the groundwork for new Brobdingnagian Bards music...

Humpback Bard


Our first CD that gained a lot of praise was A Faire to Remember. It was our Renaissance faire CD. It featured our pick of the Top 10 Renaissance festival songs, plus a few songs that we totally loved. That became one of our quintessential Bards CDs.

After one of our successful shows at Sherwood, Andrew and I sat down to eat our late lunches. We talked about what new music we could or should release.

I noted the big trouble these days is that we are both working on separate careers. We're writing new songs and planning them for new solo albums. Plus, there's a big time commitment to record a full-length album. It's tough coming up with ideas for 40 minutes of music.

Andrew spoke up, "You know, what we could do is release continuations of albums we already have."

"Like what?," I asked.

"Like another Faire to Remember CD," he said.

"Hm. But we also don't have a lot of time."

"That's why we should just release an EP," Andrew replied.

An EP, of course, is a short album of 4-8 songs. EP stands of "extended play".

And so that's what we decided to do. We will record a few songs. Release them as an EP. When we've done a few of these EPs, we can compile them for a full-length CD!

When we started playing music, we did the same things as most faire bands. We played traditional Irish and Scottish music. Neither of us focus on those songs now. So the Bards is the perfect outlet to re-explore that music. But... with our own fun twist.

It's a starting point. And who knows where it will go.

I sure don't. But I'm excited to find out. Because, well... I know how we work. Starting is the first step. Then the magic begins!



Bandcamp Friday is in two days, June 4! Come see what's new in our store.

Speaking of A Faire to Remember, we did NOT sell out of that CD at Sherwood Forest Faire. I count eleven copies of the CD. So you haven't missed it yet...

And if you're not into CDs any more, then you can get the Brobdingnagian Bards sticker right now.

Support your local Bard right here.

A Faire to Remember


Every Monday, you will find Andrew hosting his Faire Life show on Facebook and YouTube. It's a part of Life's A Faire. He has a theme for each episode. While I have not seen it yet, I hear a growing number of people talking about it.

Andrew is also recording on my song "By Amazing Grace". It's a song inspired by strong women and Firefly (ep. "Heart of Gold"). We plan to release it as a single in the months to come. He just has to fix one small part. Then you can start listening.



I have my first physical convention in over a year scheduled for this month. It's Magic City Con in Birmingham, Alabama. I'm interested to see how this wee convention pans out. I've long relied on CD sales at conventions. Will I still sell CDs? We shall see.

I'm also blogging again. I used to blog on a lot. But it was largely replaced by podcasts and videos and not enough time to do everything I need to do. I released three blogs in the last two months and have another one coming.

That does not include all of the podcasts that I post on my blog too.

See what you think.

Oh! And I released my album As Long As I'm Flyin' on Vinyl! How cool is that!?!?!

It is only available through the summer. So if you want my first ever album on 12" vinyl, get it now.



Thank you all so much for supporting our music.

Keep an ear open!

Marc Gunn and Andrew McKee
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